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  • 1947

    • Dr. Albert George Laroche


      Not much is known of the early life of Dr. Albert George Laroche. Originally from Montréal, he seems to have established himself in Victoria B.C. , and during the Second World War was named Surgeon Commander for the Naval Service at Esquimalt on the island of Vancouver. Following the war, Dr. Laroche was nominated as the president of the CUA in 1946. In 1947, he was named medical specialist with the Department of National Health and Welfare in Ottawa.




    • Honorary Membership


      Dr. E.K. Myers

    • Executives


      Secretary:   Dr. James C. McLelland    

      Treasurer:   Dr. Paul Bourgeois     

    • 3rd Meeting Winnipeg


      3rd annual meeting held in Winnipeg, MB

      • Honorary Membership is recommended by the Executive Committee and approved at the Annual General Meeting 





  • 1948

    • Dr. H. D. Morse


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    • Executives


      Treasurer: Paul Bourgeois

      Secretary: James C. McClelland



      James M. Campbell

      Clarence L. Gosse

      Jean-Paul Legault

    • Committees


      Scientific Program: R.E. Powell, Paul Bourgeois

    • 4th Meeting Toronto


      4th annual meeting held in Toronto, ON





  • 1949

    • 5th Meeting Montreal


      5th annual meeting held in Montréal, QC.





    • Dr. W. A. Dakin


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